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Finding the right fit!


Finding the right candidate for your organization's culture or taking the next step forward towards your career path can be frustrating and confusing.


That is why Egnite is very strategic on how they partner with the most innovative companies and career professionals in the industry. 


Egnite takes unique approach with employers. Outside the job description, we take the time to find out about the company's culture, core values, management style, and why the position or project is open. We take the time to work with both HR and the hiring managers to achieve the same ultimate goal, making the right match.


At Egnite, we see ourselves as a partner not just another vendor. Take the next step in our partnership and speak to one of our principals of Egnite.



Taking the next step forward in your career path can be confusing and frustrating. As a career coach, we make sure to find out what your short and long term goals are for your career. Egnite has an equal obligation to you as an employee as we do to our client partners. It is important for us to engage in a very detailed conversation about your background and specific duties within your current and past roles.


It is equally important for us to get your feedback about your status during the interview process. We have all been there, waiting, waiting for some kind of feedback on what your status is for a specific position you had applied for or interviewed for; that is why we make it our goal to acquire some type of status update from the company.


Figuring out what the market trends are for your specific position, salary trends, or what would be involved if you relocated to another market can be scary and/or confusing. Use our tools or consult with one of our subject matter experts to help give the guidance you need to make the right decision for you!

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