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   We take great pride in the high level of service we provide to our clients, as well as the professional courtesy to our job seekers.


   Since we feel an equal obligation to both our clients as well to our candidates, we ask for commitments of professional courtesy on each side. Candidates, we ask to perform their research on the position, the hiring manager, and the organization they are interviewing with along with full disclosure.


   Hiring Companies, we ask for a short qualifying session with the hiring managers and our recruiting support to understand the position, the management style and the culture of the organization so we may find the right fit for each position. We also ask for feedback from the hiring managers withing 24-48 hours from the original candidate submittal. Executing this technique has shown a 44% increase in fulfillment of open requisitions.

As a national placement agency that can offer career opportunities in any state. If you are in search of gainful employment, please see our Job Seekers page, or visit our Hiring Companies page to get more information on how Egnite can help grow your business.

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